Mulago Hospital Kampala

Mulago Hospital Kampala – Mulago hospital is the main and oldest National Referral Hospital in uganda. The other two National Referral Hospitals are Mbarara National Referral Hospital and Butabika National Referral Hospital. Mulago National Referral Hospital is located in on one of the famous 7 hills of Kampala, Mulago hill on the northern side of Kampala, just about 5km from the city centre.

Mulago hill rises to a height of about 4130ft above sea level. It got its name from a traditional local herb called “omulago” in the Ganda language. This herb was grown on the hill by the 29th Kabaka (king) of Buganda kingdom known as Kabaka Ssuuna II who ruled 1832 to 1856. The purpose of these traditional herbs was to protect him from evil spirits. During his time on the throne, he built his capital on this hill.

Mulago hospital has two main sections; the Old Mulago (also known as Upper Mulago) which was founded in 1913 by Albert Ruskin Cook and the New Mulago (also known as Lower Mulago) which was completed in 1962. There have been continuous renovations and expansions of the hospital over the years. It has a bed capacity of 1,790 though it hosts more than 2,000 patients. Mulago hospital is also a teaching hospital for Makerere College of Health Sciences. It also acts as the Haelth Center IV,III for Kampala metropolitan.

Mulago hospital in Uganda was established and is always renovated and rehabilitated to offer better medical services. It is frequented by hundreds of people from different parts of the country daily. Services offered include pediatrics, gynecology services, intensive care, surgical services and dentistry among others. Facilities and activities at the Mulago hospital and areas around the hill include the Research laboratories, Infectious disease Institute, Uganda Heart Institute, nursing school, pharmacies, Kampala City Mortuary, doctor’s village and hostels among other facilities.

One of the lately established sections of Mulago National Referral Hospital is Mulago Women’s Referral Hospital which is also known as Mulago Specialized Maternal and Neonatal Hospital. It was set up to offer treatment to women with reproductive health complications, to reduce congestion at the main Mulago national specialized hospital and reduce referrals abroad. Construction was started in April 2013 and it was completed in July 2018 and finally opened for patients in September the same year of completion. . It consists of surgical theatres, postnatal wards, delivery wards and recovery rooms. This section of the hospital offers specialized services for women and new born babies that will have been referred there. High-risk antenatal care, postnatal services, complex fistula, vaginal hysterectomies reconstruction after female genital mutilation, ureteric re-implantation, in-vitro fertilization and recurrent pregnancies and gynecologic cancers including cervical cancers, ovarian cancer and uterine cancer are some of the problems they will handle.

Areas close to Mulago hill include Makerere hill where Uganda’s oldest University Makerere is situated, Kamwokya where you find the Uganda National museum and the headquarters of Uganda Wildlife Authority, a body which is in charge of all the national parks and the wildlife in Uganda,

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