Kenya is one of the world’s most superb birding destinations 1,250 species recorded. These birds are found where ever you travel in the country. Kenya’s huge variety of environments, including snow on the higher mountains, cool lush forests, open temperate plains, lowland tropical forests, mangrove swamps and seashores, is one of the reasons for the abundance of bird life. Birding in Kenya is more exciting because you’ll find Cattle Egrets picking insects next to Buffaloes, Ox-peckers grooming a Rhino, bright pink Flamingos, iridescent Kingfishers, Plovers, Herons, Storks, Geese, Cranes, Jacanas, the magnificent African Fish Eagle, and the playful Ibis.

Kenya has a tremendous potential for specialized ornithological safaris. Over 1090 bird species have been recorded in Kenya, representing 10% of the global total, and Kenya holds the world record for the most birds seen in a 24 hours period – 342! These birds are found where ever you travel in the country. More than 600 species have been recorded in Nairobi alone.

These safaris will take you through coastal forests, deserts, rolling savannah grassland, to mountain forests and an extensive freshwater and saltwater lake system.

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